Global warming solution available

by Darran McCabe
(Cleveland, Texas)

Gradually being replaced by newer, smarter technologies

Gradually being replaced by newer, smarter technologies

I am an expert on meteorology and severe weather and have been for more than 15 years. My research has really just begun on global warming but I have learned some astounding possible solutions that will change the instability of our atmosphere to a liveable and more breathable environment.

It will involve the help of professionals and union workers working together as a group. Although our president is in the process of doing this at present by allowing the possibility of solar and wind powered homes and vehicles, the weather is changing drastically. The hurricane frequency has increased over the last century and I have noticed this statistical change even within my lifetime.

If people work together in conjunction and get to the source of the problem, it can allow the large ozone gap in the southern hemisphere to heal. The way our bodies heal, is the same way the earth itself can heal. When you cause injury to the earth, it can be fatal eventually. Just as plants and animals thrive, so does the earth because it is also a living breathing entity.

I can derive a solution, even scientifically. If people are willing to listen and participate.

Barry's Response - Thanks Darran. Do go on and continue commenting if you choose, this sounds like it may have great potential. We want to know about every global warming solution available.

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Global warming
by: Anonymous

Invention of new technology is the only solution to the global worming problem.

Energy industry is the main source of pollution and global warming and they should take lead role in fight against global warming.

Only the beginning.
by: Darran McCabe

As we already know, the 4 oceans are salty. This so called salinity is about 35 grams of sodium chloride per 1 kilogram of seawater. It basically encompasses
approximately 35% of our oceans. I have learned that
the average freezing point of seawater is around 28.4 degrees or -2 degrees in centigrade. But however with the salinity(salt), if it increases then the temperature at which seawater freezes goes down. If less salinity is added, for example: The fresh water from melting glaciers, then the freezing level of the oceans increases. Too much fresh water will inhibit a global climate change.

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