I thought it was good.

Night of the Twisters

Night of the Twisters

I watched the movie Twister a few times and I thought it was pretty decent. I remember another movie about tornadoes, I think it was called "Night of the Twisters" which is based on fact so that movie was more heart-hitting since it was an actual event.

I can't remember where it took place since it's an old movie and I only saw it once. I couldn't even find it to buy or rent it. The movie did help people learn about how tornadoes form and how chasers go about following the storm. It's such a dangerous job but it helps save hundreds of lives by letting people know how strong it is and what its path is.

Even though the movie was fictional, it had a lot of true information in it.

I think "Night of the Twisters" would be a better movie. "A Perfect Storm" If I can remember was based off of facts too so I think those movies would be better than "Twister". I like this Genre of movies because it explains the reality of nature and how brutal it can be. It explains that horrible things can happen outside of the usual fiction movies and that we have real dangers in life.

Volcanoes, Meters, Landslides, Hurricanes are all real life dangers that can destroy so knowing more about them will help us survive in our surroundings.

Barry's Response - I haven't seen it.Some people liked it, though.

A patch of tornadoes requires father and son to get along. Many reviewers say the storms and story bring them together, and the relationship is more important than the natural events. It was written by Ivy Ruckman.

Thank you for your input.

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You know, tornadoes and storms are like Mother Nature's unpredictable ex-boyfriends, right?

Always showing up unannounced and causing a scene. It's fascinating how movies like "Twister" and "Night of the Twisters" can teach us about these wild forces of nature.

Who needs fictional monsters when you've got real tornadoes and hurricanes? You're right, these films do shed some light on the heroes who chase these storms, risking life and limb for science.

There's also "A Perfect Storm," and you know what they say, truth is stranger than fiction. Mother Nature writes her own scripts, complete with epic disasters. So here's to movies that remind us that the world can be pretty wild. Don't try to audition for a tornado-chasing role if you ever see a funnel cloud - seek shelter instead!

Keep it safe out there!

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it was good
by: benny

I too thought it was good. I mean there are a number of people who said it was good. So I thought of trying it. But then as I started on it, it was just hell. I just threw it away. I am going to get those who said it was good.

From Barry - There's a chance the people who said it was good had different expectations. There's also a chance that what worked for them won't work for you, so find what works for you instead of trying to fit someone else's mold.

Weather movies are good
by: Anonymous

Although I haven't seen Night of the Twisters, I have seen other movies about how weather could affect our planet. I do enjoy these movies because it gives me more awareness on what could happen if something of this nature occurs near me. If they created more movies of this genre, I would definatly watch them.

From Barry - Natural disaster movies are a great way to educate people about them, and they often focus more on the human side than on the science. They're more relatable and more likely to inspire people to take precautions.

Ya never know.

by: Anonymous

I never heard of this movie before. Sounds interesting though.

From Barry - Maybe this movie wasn't as popular as others, or maybe it wasn't marketed well. It's still worth checking out, especially if its synopsis sounds good. Maybe I'll look online and see if I can find it.

I'll see if I can find something else to watch with a similar plot. Meanwhile, I'll add it to my watchlist.

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