Loved It!

by Brad McQuid
(Spokane, WA USA)

An Oldie but a Goodie

An Oldie but a Goodie

This show really got me interested in science growing up. Bill Nye was really good at getting the viewer interested in trying their own experiments and pursuing science beyond the scope of the show.

He also had a quirky attitude that made him easy to watch as a child. The only other show I can say I enjoyed more was Mr. Wizard, but the two shows shared a lot of similarities.

Barry's Response - I've never seen this, Brad, but I understand it was important in its day.

In the early 80s, Don Herbert (the star) had been around the block a few times before this children's science show came out in the early 80's. Watch Mr. Wizard (his first show) debuted in 1951 and ran for 14 years. A short series called Mr. Wizard was produced in Ottawa in the early 70's. Calgary produced the most recent series.

During Nickelodeon's formative years, Mr. Wizard's World was a staple. Just before he turned 90, Herbert passed away.

Search this site for more information now.

Here's how Don Herbert's "Mr. Wizard" shows, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Professional Proton compare:

Don Herbert's "Mr. Wizard" laid the groundwork for science education, Bill Nye the Science Guy made science more accessible with flair and humor, and Professional Proton catered to a more specialized, imaginary audience interested in particle physics, which may have lead to great fascination with theoretical physics and string theory. You'll see what I mean...

"Mr. Wizard" shows by Don Herbert:
- From the 1950s to the 1990s, Mr. Wizard was a series of pioneering educational shows.
- The host, Don Herbert, was like the original science guru. Kids and adults alike loved how he simplified complex scientific concepts.
- Like my own scientific method, Herbert's approach was methodical and detail-oriented. Hands-on experiments were emphasized, and viewers could follow along at home.
- The show helped many appreciate the fundamentals of science.
- Despite its lack of flashy visuals, it laid a solid foundation for science education.

Science Guy Bill Nye:
- He's a charismatic and energetic science communicator.
- He made learning fun and engaging by combining humor and science.
- Nye's approach is more contemporary and media-savvy.
- Adding a pop culture dimension to STEM education with catchy theme songs and flashy experiments, he introduced a whole new generation to science.
- The show is a great example of how science communication can reach a wide audience.

Professor Proton:
What's this?
- Even though Professor Proton is a fictional show hosted by Bob Newhart (it was Sheldon's childhood favourite in The Big Bang Theory), it offered him a unique perspective on particle physics.
- Sheldon was passionate about the fundamental forces of the universe, just like this TV host.
- For those of us who appreciate the intricacies of particle physics, he's a delight, Sheldon might add.
- There's nothing mainstream about his show, but it gives a deep dive into particle interactions that Sheldon found fascinating.

Each of these hosts has its own complexities and appeal (just like Sheldon Cooper), just like different branches of science.

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Science is great fun
by: healthybrightkids

Science (such as What is meteorology?) is great fun and always getting better as we humans advance and learn more about the elements, technology etc.
I like Bill Nye, have not heard of the Science Wizard.
Steve Spangler has fun videos.
periodicvideos I have used to help teach science at home.
Science that teaches as well as makes a person wanting more information is what I like to see.

From Barry - Bill Nye and Steve Spangler make science fun and engaging, and their videos are a great way to introduce kids to science and encourage them to explore more. Videos are also a great way to keep kids engaged and interested in science.

Loved it
by: TV-BUG

I have never heard of the program. But from the post it appears to be interesting. If available, a video clip of it may be added.

From Barry - Mr. Wizard was a kids' show that taught science and math. A variety of experiments and demonstrations were used to explain scientific principles.

by: Anonymous

I agree about Bill Nye but I have never heard about Mr. Wizard's World

From Barry - Mr. Wizard's World was an old TV show. Science was used to explain everyday phenomena in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way on the show.

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