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Loved It!

by Brad McQuid
(Spokane, WA USA)

An Oldie but a Goodie

An Oldie but a Goodie

This show really got me interested in science growing up. Bill Nye was really good at getting the viewer interested in trying their own experiments and pursuing science beyond the scope of the show.

He also had a quirky attitude that made him easy to watch as a child. The only other show I can say I enjoyed more was Mr. Wizard, but the two shows shared a lot of similarities.

Barry's Response - I never saw this, Brad, but I understand that it was quite significant in its day.

Don Herbert (the star) had been around the block a few times by the time this children's science show came out in the early 80's. His first show - Watch Mr. Wizard - debuted in 1951 and ran for 14 years. Then came a shorter early-70's series produced in Ottawa, called Mr. Wizard. Then came the most recent series, produced in Calgary.

Mr. Wizard's World became a staple during the formative years of Nickelodeon and lives on in various retro-programming segments. Herbert passed on in 2007 just short of his 90th birthday.

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Science is great fun
by: healthybrightkids

Science (such as What is meteorology?) is great fun and always getting better as we humans advance and learn more about the elements, technology etc.
I like Bill Nye, have not heard of the Science Wizard.
Steve Spangler has fun videos.
periodicvideos I have used to help teach science at home.
Science that teaches as well as makes a person wanting more information is what I like to see.

Loved it
by: TV-BUG

I have never heard of the program. But from the post it appears to be interesting. If available, a video clip of it may be added.

by: Anonymous

I agree about Bill Nye but I have never heard about Mr. Wizard's World

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