Maths is the art of living!

by Veera
(Chennai, India)

The great tool of Mathematics

The great tool of Mathematics

This site is great for someone new-to-metric to quickly appreciate the conversion factors that are employed by unit convertors. It could be well expanded for other measures as well such as length, weight etc., to make it a complete site for the kids to clearly understand how the imperial and metric units work in tandem.

Also, I am sharing some of my thoughts on Maths.

Maths is inherent in our life style. It is the obliging friend who shows us the way. It is the only constant thing that brings stability to our life. It liberates us from the problems. Some of the interesting facts on applying maths to the life style are below:

- The equation of the life is very simple:
Awareness + Cheerfulness = Happiness.
Being aware that the purpose of one's life is merely to make others happier and doing that by being cheerful are the fundamental that everyone needs to learn.

- When we are confused of making a decision, what do we do? We make list of pros and cons of each of the available options and take the best decision based on facts rather than the emotions and confused thoughts. Maths is the ray of sunshine that dispels these clouds and shows you the clear, blue sky.

- When you are angry, you count under your breath:'1-2-3-4-5...' until you calm down. when you are unable to sleep, you count sheep. when you feel depressed, you share the worries with your friends, so you have 'halved' them.

Barry' Response - According to Wikipedia, The philosophy of mathematics examines the foundations of mathematics such as logic, axioms and proof. It also examines the role of math in our lives, the way we use math to solve problems, such as I use in air pollution and environmental design. Mathematics provides logic and structure to thinking and has been a fundamental part of our progress.

You touch upon these concepts in your examples, Veera. Thank you very much.

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