Measure earth temperature from the moon

by leon garner
(vic australia)

Man, It's hot in here.

Man, It's hot in here.

If the global warming argument is correct you would expect to see a reduction in earth's temperature as measured from a station positioned on the moon. This would seem to be a simple experiment for NASA.

Barry's Response - The moon, or some other vantage point such as our satellites, some of which are equipped with the correct instruments and infrastructure. I don't quite get why a reduction; most would expect to see an increase in an experiment of this type.

Have a look at a bit more insight into how temperature profiles are derived from satellite data.

Also, search this site for more information now.

In spite of the fact that it may appear as a simple experiment at first glance, there are scientific factors to consider that provide a more comprehensive understanding of global warming.

We need to clarify that global warming refers to the long-term trend of higher average temperatures on Earth's surface. Global warming is mainly caused by greenhouse gases building up in the atmosphere, which trap heat.

We have to account for distance between the moon and Earth, the moon's lack of atmosphere, and the complexity of measuring temperature remotely in order to measure Earth's temperature accurately. Conducting a direct temperature comparison between the moon and Earth is challenging because of these factors.

Furthermore, the Earth's temperature isn't just determined by its own radiative balance. There's a complex interplay between internal processes, like oceanic circulation patterns, and external factors like solar radiation variations and greenhouse gas concentrations. Various local and global factors can influence regional variations in temperature.

Scientists use ground-based measurements, satellite data, and climate models to study global warming. Comprehensive studies give us a better idea of how the Earth's temperature and climate are changing over time.

NASA and other scientific institutions monitor Earth's temperature continuously using satellite technology and ground measurements. As a result, we're better able to understand climate change and its effects.

To fully understand global warming, we need scientific consensus, extensive research, and rigorous analysis. We can better understand how greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and Earth's temperature are related by examining multiple lines of evidence.

While measuring the Earth's temperature from the moon may seem intriguing, it doesn't provide a direct or comprehensive assessment of global warming. A robust scientific understanding of climate change requires considering a lot of factors and data from different sources.

Thanks for the thoughts, Leon

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Threat to human
by: Nicky

Global warming is one of the dangerous threats to mankind. The atmosphere above the moon is really different from earth. Pollution and deforestation are the main reasons for the global warming. Ozone layer is getting destroyed.

From Barry - The result is higher temperatures and other natural disasters like floods and hurricanes, on earth anyway. As the polar ice caps melt, sea levels could rise, causing more destruction.

explanation in part
by: leon garner

Hi Barry
I suggested the moon over satellite images to give a global measure. I was a bit loose with the term "temperature", and meant the energy irradiated into space from the earth. Measurement of incident (Ii) and irradiated energy (Ir2) would give a measure of the greenhouse effect (gh). An increase in greenhouse gases might be expected to lead to a reduction in emitted radiation (Ir2).

Ts=Fn(Ii-Ir2), where Ir2=Ir1(1-gh)

I am sure it has all been done?

Barry's Response - Because more is left behind on earth, a reduction in emitted energy would correspond, and lead to, an incremental change in earth's temperature. As a result, a new equilibrium would be reached, resulting in a new, higher level of energy. Over time, this positive change will overshadow the negative change that caused it.

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