my global warning

by quatisha kelley
(memphis,tennessee,united states)

its getting hot global warning

its getting hot global warning

It's getting too hot. We need to do something about this. CLEAN UP THE TRASH MAKE THE EARTH HEALTHY.

Barry's Response - Seems like global warming is getting blamed for everything. Why just last week I set my ice cubes on the counter and
they all melted. Global warming? You guessed it!

It seems reasonable for many people who live in cold climates to welcome with open arms any warming that comes their way. I'm in Canada and get a message from my peers that is far more equivocal than that put forth by the rest of the world.

Others recognize that while global warming may appear desirable in our immediate environment, climate change of all sorts has consequences that people (including us) will have to deal with. Fortunately we can. Humans are resourceful and can have coped with far worse things. And we probably will.

By the way, thanks Quatisha.

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Climate Control
by: Anonymous

It is very typical to see people po po on the very important issue of global warming. We have been dealing with it for some time and with no extreme adverse effects hitting us now, its easy to put it on a back burner. I say we need to do something now to save our environment for future generations!

Global Warning
by: Anonymous

I'm glad people care about global warming. I do.

Of course
by: Jennifer

Of course I care about global warming

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