Ozone was killing by Global warming.........

by K.chittipramila

Yes,its true....since from many billions of years our ozone was protecting mother earth very safely and efficiently by even not allowing anything to injure this planet, but what's going on presently and what's going to be happen in future is known thing to almost all......that's the destruction of earth.

Global warming is nothing but the depletion of ozone and the direct fall of ultraviolet rays on to the earth. At the same time the direct fall of sunlight melting the polar icecaps so that the water level of oceans increasing day by day,so that the floods and tsunamis were frequently happening. Due to heavy pressure under earth volcanoes were erupting. this was causing disturbance to the whole ecosystem.

Its really horrible if we came to know that the ozone depleted about the area equal to the area of America and it was near Antarctica, adversely the creatures present their were in the position near to the extinct.

So as nature is the best teacher.........protect and safeguard her. Be responsible......feel responsible......let us decrease the global warming our level best.

Barry's Response - There are many reasons to display environmental stewardship. Regardless of the scientific facts behind them.

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gudd keep it upp
by: shiva

hiiii chittiii nice article

Not much temperature change overall.
by: Prof. Carl G. Looney

The ozone layer in and above the stratosphere is not being depleted, sir. The elimination of chlorine/flourine carbons helped that problem. The Earth is not really warming overall. Listen up. The Earth's tilt moves back and forth from maximum to minimum and back to maximum in 41,000 years. About 20,000 years ago it was nearing maximum and the near polar glaciers started melting because of the extra solar radiation in the polar and outer temperate zones. Now the tilt is almost back to medium so that there is less solar radiation on the polar regions and more on the equatorial zone. This will continue until the equatorial zone is much hotter and the polar and temperate zones are much colder. The heated equatorial oceans will put up enormous amounts of water that will build the polar and temperate zone glaciers. Overall, the average temperature of Earth will not change much. Have a good day, sir, but you may want to move South. Here! Read more.

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