Real Time Radar !

by D.T. Moffatt
(Grant Park IL. USA)

Non real time Example

Non real time Example

If you want to see real time weather reports go down to the Tampa Fl. area. They show up to the minute imageing that shows rotation of tornados coming in from the gulf and everything.

Why - in most other areas - do they think we want to see radar images from 3 hours ago?

Barry's Response - Good point. up to the minute weather details are more important in some areas than in others.

A newer radar technology, called the phased-array radar, provides meteorologists with a greater temporal resolution in radar imaging. It plays a role of great importance in severe weather, where changes can occur quite suddenly and catch observers by surprise if they are using conventional equipment.

Generally, this technology can use a series of antennae, the phases of reflected signals and some fancy algorithms and software to detect patterns in the data that would not be evident otherwise. The physics of constructive and destructive interference within an area of competing wave signals comes into play here.

In weather, this idea is used for research as much as operational meteorology and is closer to the "cutting edge" than older radar sets. The National Severe Storms Laboratory has used these extensively for projects in tornado alley. Each year we know more and more about the behaviour of tornadoes and our ability to predict their motions and development.

It's money well spent.

Search this site for more radar information now.

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Weather Radar
by: Anonymous

The weather radar is going to have tremendous impact and saves lot of money at the time of cyclones. I found from complaints that there are very few such radars working. They should be installed in all world so the cost of natural calamity can be reduced.

by: Sona

The real time radar that is shared here on the page is truly awesome. I have heard of many types of radars but this is the first time that I am hearing about real time radar.

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