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Red Meterological Warning (RMWs)

Familiar Sight

Familiar Sight

Not sure how to air this gripe about RMWs but they are more hindrance than help!

The local weather forecast airs every 10 minutes which is great. The RMW, however, is inserted in the most vexing place, just before the 12-hour time/weather matrix. It should be inserted after that t/w matrix.

Viewers are interested in the timing of these weather changes to take actions such as clearing snow before the snow switches to ZR (freezing rain) or rain. In high volume snowfall areas, that is absolutely essential to know. We can get up at 3 or 4 AM to time the snow removal before the ZR hits. For about 12 hours or more prior to the event, the RMW takes that vital information tool away. Delay the RMV start about one minute. Missing the longer term forecast (for the duration of the RMW validity) is no big problem. Even if the ensuing Weather Channel program is missed, so be it. The vital information, now being hidden/obscured will be provided.


p.s. The Weather Channel is my most watched TV channel. This is your chance to move up from almost excellent to truly outstanding!

Barry's Response - It would be a good idea. They may just have their reasons for setting it up the way they did.

A national forecasting office uses the radio, internet and television media to send warning information to the general public. This consists of an alert sent out to warn the public of incoming dangerous weather. The principles are more-or-less the same amongst countries. Here's a bit about how weather warnings work in Canada for example.

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