Regional air quality

by jaya

Air pollution facts

Air pollution facts

Regional air quality a major concern me and all. Because it is a basic need for our future generation people. We already have a lot of pollution around the world.

Most of the pollution happens because of industrial waste, out coming smoke. Recycling those waste, avoiding them to mix into air, water and with nature is very important to save the world for very big disaster.

Various safe modes are following which are not enough, This allows companies to design better factories will help. building a taller stack, installing scrubbers and extraction system ventilation options, varying the mixture in the stack, erecting stacks and buildings in different locations and re-test by starting the air quality modeling again will help.

I agree with attending hearings to testify as expert witnesses on behalf of the client. These consultants assure the public citizen watch eco groups and officials that their concerns are properly addressed and situations with potential environment problems are improved. That's what we do.

Government and social welfare organization should look after this. There are various air pollution control technologies and land use planning strategies available to reduce air pollution. Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals, particulate matter, or biological materials that cause harm or discomfort to humans or other living things.

Barry's Response - You have every right to be concerned, Jaya. Thank you for your comments.

A good consultant will help the industry in question take care of all relevant problems and leave anybody involved satisfied.

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very important
by: steverik

Yes! Very relevant article at the right time of the earth’s condition. Look around guys. Can you show me a single place where there is no air pollution. No you can’t, because there does not exist a place like that. And it is our duty to make ideas that can prevent these air pollution. That is why study these engineering and all.

Quality Air needed
by: Sam Prabakar

This is a good article about a quality air which we cannot getting now a days. The factories, hospitals are giving away bad air which we can inhale and produce diseases like allery, breathing problem etc.

We Want Cleaner Air
by: Abhishek

Its TRUE that, unlike villages, urban areas have polluted air..Clean air at these places is like Dinosaurs..Extinct
But moving to Villages is NO solution to this
I believe in making our surroundings clean, The air we breathe in..We should work towards making that Pure
N what other way than to plant Lots n Lots of Plants and Trees:)

by: Asha

I want good quality air. So i like villages for natural air.

by: Asif

nice article particularly about pollutants

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