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Saturday air

by fati
(Kerman, Iran)

Rainy Gloomy Saturday Afternoon

Rainy Gloomy Saturday Afternoon

how is climate on saturday?

Barry's Response - Saturday air? Climate on a particular day of the week? An interesting situation.

I will start with a definition of CLIMATE:

typical weather in region: the average weather or the regular variations in weather in a region over a period of years

With this in mind, one could try to substitute a day of the week such as " on Saturday" for "in region" in the quote above. Statistically, there should not be any significant correlation between these two variables. Psychologically, though, people seem to say things like "it always rains on my day off", which may indeed be a Saturday.

I think that's more of a perceptual / attitude problem than anything else, but not necessarily. If you live in an industrial town, for instance, where local industry operates only during the week, then the air quality and climate could both change on weekends relative to the rest of the time, and that could alter the micro-climate on certain days of the week.

If, on the other hand, you were asking for a weather forecast for this upcoming Saturday:

1) I'm too late getting to your email for it to be of any use.

2) Without knowing where you would've wanted the forecast for, the task is virtually impossible.

Hope this gives some food for thought.

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that was great!
by: Anonymous

That was great! I generally don't read articles about the weather or discuss the weather at all except to friends up north and that is only to torment them when they have to shovel snow and I am down here in Florida enjoying lite jacket weather....that was an enjoyable article because it was more philosophy, facetious at that, than it was weather...two thumbs up!

that was great!
by: Julie Martin


Which Saturday where?
by: connie

Where do these questions come from? Are they computer generated? If you want this site to be taken seriously, at least make an effort to find a decent question/statement to post. Like how many Saturdays of the year does it snow in Anchorage? That might not be a great question, but at least it is answerable!

Could not understand
by: Amit

Sorry i just could not understand what you want to convey.Maybe due to lack of knowing good english you were unable to convey the message.

by: Anonymous

I read the site and still have no idea what it is about. Why anyone would want to read such obvious and banal statements is beyond me. I can not say that the article contributed in any significant way to my understanding of weather on Saturday or any other day of the week where ever I happen to be located at that point in time. The article could also benefit from some serious editing to remove spelling and grammatical errors. The rest of the site may have more interesting pages, but frankly this first experience would not motivate me in the least to pursue the matter. If the site is more interesting why not start with the good stuff rather than pseudo-philosophical reflections?

by: lydia the tatooed lady

i have always found a question or comment on the weather to be an automatic conversation starter. i live in michigan where the weather is very changeable and, right now, the source of much complaining. We have had snow, sleet, rain, and ice since the beginning of december. winter has come with a ferocious start. usually a complaint about the weather elicits empathy and sympathetic comments. it kind of draws people together like it is "us against nature." the person who wrote the article sounds like a weatherman on a news show and maybe he just gets tired of being asked the same question over and over again. this site is about the weather but i think i get enough on the subject from the tv news shows and talking with other folks.

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