save our " MOTHER EARTH " ..

by shayne
(cabanatuan city,nueva ecija,philippines)

its me ..

its me ..

Water pollution ... =)

It is all about pollution that is destroying our nature. We can prevent it with the help of other people like us. We have to work hard on this because we are the reason why there is pollution. We are the ones who did these injustices to our nature, so we have to save our mother earth from all of these.

All people, especially the children, live near the rivers or near the seas and are affected because there is so much dirt that they are inhaling and they can get sick because of the pollution. Other people have to drink dirty water from the river because they have no choice. Water is the most important nutrient.

Barry's Response - Pollution destroys, so we need to stop/reduce/prevent it. Let's preserve our planet. Let's save our air. Let's save our health. Let's save ourselves. Thanks for your ideas, Shayne.

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to save our mother earth
by: dhea mae erbina

Please don't throw away plastic or polythene pouches any- and everywhere. Throw them in appropriate container marked as a plastic disposables dustbin instead.

Don't waste too much water unnecessarily as bathing under shower for 10 minutes can waste up to 70 gallon of water, while we can bathe in 2 buckets of 20 liters.

Don't destroy the grass covering around your house completely. The insects and microorganisms will suffer. Also soil erosion will occur heavily in absence of grass.

Don't cut big trees around your house for letting in more sunlight. You can prune the branches. My neighbor has done that in the wintertime and is suffering the consequences in the summertime.

Don't drive too fast. It will lead to
more fuel consumption. Also use proper maintenance to make sure that your vehicle does not pollute the environment.

Don't use inorganic fertilizers or pesticides in your garden and, instead, try to treat the plants by organic materials. This will maintain the soil fertility.

Don't drain any chemical or hazardous waste in municipal drainage system. It will harm the river organisms, as most often, these drainage waters are discharged into the rivers, untreated.

Make your friends and relatives aware of the environmental issues and spread the consciousness.

Don't buy any illegal wildlife product (such as fur, bones, nails, feathers). Also stop buying meats of tortoise, shark, dolphin, etc., as when buying stops, killing stops too.

Leaving only footprints and smiles behind
by: KOTO

Aloha shayne

So nice to hear from you again. Have you started to do your part in educating the people, by setting examples?

Everything starts with us taking our first steps. You have the right idea and now you need to start doing what you want other people to do, and you will start to see a difference and more people will start to help.

Teaching children to teach their parents is a good starting point.

Please keep me posted on what your doing to make where you live a safer place for the voiceless, young children, wildlife and waterways. May the force be with you.

Your friend KOTO One of the keepers of the ocean.

conserve water
by: marLiE

It's very important to save our mother earth. So start yourself to conserve water; dont waste water because when we suffer from El Nino, our water supply decreases. We should conserve water so that our mother earth will not be destroyed.

What we all need to do
by: Anonymous

Aloha Shayne:

You are so right. People are destroying Mother Earth and people like you, Barry and I need to educate them by setting examples. How? By getting local papers, radio, TV stations, Officals in our area to all do, say or write something helpful.

We ourselves need to get others to help us pick up after others, put up posters, stencil storm drains with captions like (GOES TO OCEAN)(NO GARBAGE) OR (GOES TO RIVER, LAKE, STREAM, CREEK, WITH A PICTURE) if you have storm drains.

Our water is our life's blood, once it becomes contaminated we are all going to die. Shayne, Look at what I'm doing and you might get some ideas of what you can do. Check out the blog at

We are all in this neighborhood together. Many people don't realize that wind and rain puts everything into our water, so we need to keep our land and water free from things like plastic, toxic cigarette butts, camera batteries and garbage. Talking about it is good but also walking the walk (Doing something) is better. Teach people to only leave foot prints behind. Young smart people like you can make a big difference. May the powers above bless you

Barry's Response - You are right to be concerned. For more info about garbage collecting in the ocean, check this Wikipedia article at

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