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Save your life... Save Envinronment.... Reduce Pollution

by Vinay
(Mumba, India)

Devote a little time to our planet

Devote a little time to our planet

Air pollution is a point of major concern now. Statistics shows that there is an enormous increase in breathing and chest related diseases in urban areas.

The major roadblock in building non-polluting / less polluting factories is the cost of pollution control, which is seen as profit reducer. Since the impact of air pollution is long term, the general tendency is to swipe the issue under the carpet. However now since we have started facing the ill effects of air pollution from industries placed a decade or more ago, there is a general awareness for the need to reduce air pollution from new industries.

Considering the lukewarm response of industries to invest into pollution control measures, at the initially it will be necessary to force these requirement by government regulation. A system of heavy penalty for offenders and reward for complier should give a head start to such initiatives.

Another option is to provide government sponsorship for alternate energy systems like wind and solar power.

Lastly it will be only public pressure which can bring in a change and hence creating awareness in public will go in a long way to promote this cause.

Barry's Response - Thank you Vinay. We need more influential thoughts on this subject, without going to the meaningless extremes some environmentalists put forth. Enjoy our home while we can.

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by: Anonymous

It is very important to reduce the pollution if we want to live longer and to have a strong, healthy body. Sometimes we pollute the air from our homes, therefore, we should change every appliance or gadget which pollutes the environment.

by: Alvin

How can we save our life without reducing the pollution? Due to such hazardous pollution the environment is badly affected and that may lead to the destruction of our environment. So we have to be more alert to reduce the pollution.

Agree for the most part
by: Charles

I agree with the article for the most part. However, I'm not sure if huge penalties/rewards for noncompliance/compliance, or government regulations will be effective without first having great public support against air pollution.

About the site in general - the articles are all relatively short and to the point, and have enough evidence or common knowledge to support the author's beliefs. I think the tabs to the right of the website could be more generic, with some grouped together.

Simple but effective approach
by: Anonymous

An intersting little article. I like the fact that you state the basic essential requirements, without getting sidetracked by detail.

Hopefully this will encourage people to think a little bit more! And....maybe take a bit of action too!

Public Pressure
by: Abhishek

All the measures you have just mentioned are definitely very good for this goal of purifying the air that we breathe
But at the same time, they are also difficult to achieve
What is needed is definitely the Public Pressure to make them work..Its the Public which can do Wonders and bring in Changes..Significant ones that is

clean air
by: Asha

It's very useful to get clean air. Steps given in that page is cleanly stated that.

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