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So not true?

by Alison Day

Famous Ottawa Winter Scene

Famous Ottawa Winter Scene

Ottawa is capable of having extremely hot summers, as many of its residents know. That's pretty much all I've got to say.

I mean in moderation, yeah, it is cooler than other places, but the temperature can really soar during the summer months. I would know!

Barry's Response - Yes, Alison. All Canadians know that they have periods of weather that would be considered pleasant and warm by (nearly) anyone. Just happens less often in this country than elsewhere.

A few times per year, the temperature in Ottawa, the national capital of Canada, reaches 90 degrees F, which is about 32 C. The city experiences a full five month plus growing seasons with normally no frost from the last week of April until the second week of October, and often longer. Like many places in North America, the coldest period is the third week of January while the warmest is the fourth week of July. The average high temperatures at this time is 26 C.

The city's latitude is 45.42 degrees N, about the same as Minneapolis and Portland, Oregon and Bordeaux, France. However, the climate is more continental (greater difference between summer and winter temperatures) than most of these places. See more about Canadian weather.

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