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sorry I like it

by Mr. Roberts
(North Battleford)

We have a winner!

We have a winner!

What is normal? We are fat, we like trucks, meat is important. So what, it is the same everywhere.

As people, we like what we are around. Everyone complains about something. Salt will kill you, there's to much bad fat in that Timmy; oil is only $35 a barrel. So why are people shocked that as a Canadian we like the cold.

I know we will complain but that does not mean we do not like it. I bet that even right now you are disagreeing with me. But think about it. You would never give this up for fire ants in your house or termites eating your home.

And if you are saying, "yes I would" while it is minus 32 in the shade, that does not count because all humans say that. Try saying that on Boxing Day when the family is outside playing in the snow or while your son shovels the walk for the first time. This is Canada and we love our weather.

Barry's Response - even the complaining is something we enjoy for the same reason, Mr. R. Sorry I like it too. Maybe we could use a cold weather joke or two to get through the cold weather.

Other reasons to prefer Canada include human rights, liberties etc. But that is another website or two.

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