the world around us

by courtney
(las cruces ,nm )

My, the beach is crowded today!

My, the beach is crowded today!

Well, I don't have a picture but EVERY ONE knows about GLOBAL WARMING. It's all around us now, part of everyone's every day life. People, don't you care that the world for me and my children well soon be gone.

Every one will be wiped away there well be nothing left, nothing but the world all left in pieces now many almost every one knows what they can do about global warming, and what's amazing is I am only 14 and I understand it's not fair that people don't care about the world so much in bad shape right now. I am doing things to help when I am only 14 and other people like U need to help.

Barry's Response - Future generations need a voice. You've given them a good start, Courtney. Keep up the good work.

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by: steve

We don’t have the time to take a good look at the world around us. We are busy doing our jobs and earning money. Like the Chaplin’s modern times.

But spend some time and see the world around us it is beautiful and extra ordinary nature.

noble thought at such a young age
by: Deepika

After reading the article it has truly inspired me, at such an young age if people think of making a difference, then together we shall surely make wonders!
As a responsible citizen we feel it is our duty to vote, i feel as a human in this earth it is our DUTY to save it from global warming!

The World
by: Anonymous

I'm glad that the younger generation is finally speaking up. I'm glad they have a concern for global warming.

Stark Contrast
by: Heather

Nicely chosen photo showing how modern shipping lanes intrude on natural habitats. I think it would be great if you work on connecting what you think the problem is (too many imported products) with a solution (local produce)? Good luck to you. You seem passionate about it.

Thanks for speaking out
by: MP


I'm glad you're speaking out against global warming. This picture is engaging and disturbing - the poor penguins habitat has been destroyed. I hope that your works make people want to look around the site more.

So far, I'm not sure what all of this has to do with weather, but this picture makes me want to look at the Let It Snow! page and I hope you looked around too.

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