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A thermometer measures the tempreture of things.

Barry's Response - You can use a simulation of a thermometer to display measurements of anything. Donations to charities are the most common.

The red mercury (red alcohol in real thermometers) shows the organization's progress towards its goal amount (usually used for fundraising). You'll probably see incremental dollar amounts along the way.

It's easy to read, understand, and update. Classic. They're attractive and easy to use, so people like them.

A brandable image can easily be integrated with the progress graphic, resulting in a unified and tenacious campaign.

I have one example on this page which explains about thermometers in general.

Search this site for more information now.

Come around, curious souls, for I will tell you the story of the humble instrument that measured warmth and chill.

When knowledge was just a spark in the darkness, a yearning arose to grasp temperature's elusiveness.

He was a clever sage, a seeker of truth, who set his mind on taming heat and cold. This is the story of his pursuit.

This savant lived in a land where science brushed against mystique, contemplating questions like he was solving cosmic puzzles. He contemplated how to quantify nature's temperature with furrowed brows and heart aflame.

As he worked with retorts, alembics, vials, and vats, his alchemical aspirations evolved, and precision beckoned like the North Star. As Mercury, the elusive liquid, danced between two extremes, he glimpsed a truth obscured by the fumes - the idea that substances change, like chameleons.

It hit him like lightning, for he realized as sure as dawn's first blush that Mercury's shift held secrets. So he encased the silvery serpent in a glass prison, slender and fine, its body marked with delicate lines.

Mercury shrank in dread when winter winds whispered their icy breath. As summer warmed Earth's embrace, Mercury rose, its slender form expanding in grace. Like a troubadour's tale, he charted the dance of temperature, unfolding a measure to win.

Oh, the mercury thermometer, born from a seeker's ardor! With every rise and fall, a symphony played, revealing temperature's essence. In its brilliant blaze, this newfound gaze unlocked realms of understanding.

So let this story be known, like old stories passed around the fire. This chronicle shows the fusion of man's mind and nature's power - the thermometer's creation, a triumph of knowledge.

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thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for sharing all of the excellent information!

From Barry - Now you hopefully know what to expect in your region when you head out and use this knowledge to plan your outdoor activities.

Glad to visit
by: Anonymous

Glad to visit your blog, I look forward to more good articles and I think we all like to thank so many good articles, blog to share with us.

From Barry - We're all encouraged to read more. These resources keep us informed and help us make better decisions. Thanks for sharing a bit about this info.

by: Anonymous

Well this is a device that the people usually find it to be easy. It would be something that could not be made so easily as it required mercury which a normal person cannot get so easily. The easy method will be to buy one from a store.

From Barry - Knowing how to use a thermometer is important. To get accurate readings, make sure the thermometer is clean and stored properly when not in use. Thermometers can get inaccurate readings if they're stored in direct sunlight or in a hot place.

why not try to add a little twist to your title???
by: angel's cute(illah)

short detailed but helpful enough. you sure are one smart dude. i made an article here, "thermometer for temperature" but can't find it. so depressing! =]

Barry's Response - Found it! Have a look.

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