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tv news bc rain flooding salmon found wriggling as water recedes

by Mrs marg lafreniere
(victoria bc canada)

Meteorology of coastal rains

Meteorology of coastal rains

The other day my husband tells me that on the supper news would have to have been A channel 12 hudson mack or channel 6

There was a film of Duncan; water was going down and there was a salmon stuck in the receding water.

Now I think that is significant. I have never heard of so much flooding that the salmon swimming upstream to lay their eggs could end up on city streets flooded.

That is another example of our crazy weather and effect of global warming.

To retrieve that tape the fish was on tv wriggling and alive in the water in Duncan. True.

Barry's Response - That third week of November 2009, British Columbia was subjected to a system known colloquially as a "pineapple express". This rain occurs when the polar jet stream transports atmospheric moisture from the mid-pacific along a frontal boundary to the BC (Washington or Alaska) coastlines and dumps an abnormal amount of water once it arrives, resulting in record rain or snowfalls. They sometimes call this type of thing an atmospheric river.

The water is picked up in the mid pacific, near the Hawaiian Islands (henceforth the name) and carried across to the coast. After crossing the mountains in the west and dropping this precipitation (at several inches per day), the disturbance, now dry, carries on eastward and becomes a Chinook wind in the prairie part of the continent.

Thanks for pointing out what you saw, Mrs. Lafreniere.

more weather information now.

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