Virginia's Forests

by Tai

Meadow pavilion in Virginia Forest

Meadow pavilion in Virginia Forest

In Virginia, the forest is everywhere. Much of it has been clear-cut to make way for development, but in the untouched parts, the forests still thrive.

However, I find it so fascinating that most people don't visit Virginia's forests. They visit the mountains for a hike or the trails for a run, but rarely do they pay attention to the forests themselves. These forests often are thought of more as fire hazards. We have Smokey the Bear meters everywhere indicating how likely it is that these wooded areas will go ablaze.

As our
forests continue to dwindle due to population changes and pollution, I think that there should be a concerted effort to keep certain areas sacred and regrow forests on top of buildings. I think green roofs of shrubs are not enough. What if the tops of buildings also held treetops? What if we gave up aesthetics for nature?

Some of the replanting that has been done in Virginia has been removed. For instance, there was a local office building that had two stately oak trees that were at least 50 years old. The building's owner removed them in favor of smaller trees because the oak trees were taking up too much room. Can you imagine switching a tree for a tree on the very same spot?

Barry's Response - It happens all the time. Those who do it lose big, though. They lose
CHARACTER. Seems like some people cannot see the forest for the trees *sorry*. Thanks for your expression of concern, Tai.

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by: Anonymous

It is very interesting. It tell about importance of forest and the impact of destroying the forest. So we have to save the forest.

forest the world source
by: vidhansiva

This article helps to know the cutting of forest due to development and also it gives the impact of cutting down the forest. Thanks for the article.

by: Anonymous

You gave a small description about the need of growing a forest. Nobody care about that. I got a clear picture about Virginia's forests.
Thank you.

forests in virginia
by: Anonymous

Forests giving way for development in Virginia. good to know that there are forests in Virginia which are favorable place to spend sometime rather than going for mountain hiking. Good to bring to notice.

Makes every reader to think
by: Raja

The very first picture itself shows that the forests are replaced by buildings and houses slowly. It was really interesting to know about the things happening around us. We can also include the harmful effects of asbestos so that people will be able to understand that how much it is necessary to avoid using of it. I would like to know more about global warming.

save the environment
by: Anonymous

This is the time for us to save at least remaining natural elements in this world. We have almost destroyed everything. What we have to do is just grow one tree per house. It can save our life.

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