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water pollution by human activities

by moses o
(midrand, johannesbourg)

Hope this crowd keeps it clean

Hope this crowd keeps it clean

Protection of our environment must be one of the major subjects in our life because we depend on our environment. However, human activities result in many damages on the water quality.

I can advise that the South African government promote our environment protection on TV and radio programs. Or, why not by door-to-door visibility campaigning, because the new generation can't survive if we continue to destroy our environment like the way we have been. Our forefathers gave us a clean earth and we must also leave to our sons and daughters a clean earth.

Barry's Response - Well, Moses. You do make a point. Our earth needs a little TLC at times. And we, as individuals, can provide it. Air, water, ground. Let's root for them.

This site is primarily about the atmosphere, weather and air quality, so let's look into that a bit further.

We want to reduce air pollution amongst other types, perhaps even first. In air, contaminants spread faster than they do within any other medium. So if we clean the air up we could be quite a bit of the way towards contributing to a cleaner ground and water surface as well.

Start by looking at the causes of air pollution. The usual things include fires, volcanoes, cars and factories.

Next, we might want to examine things we can do to stop air pollution. What can individuals do? What about corporations and governments.

As a third thing, you might have a look at the progress certain cities have made so far. Examples shown here show us an introduction of what the rest of the world can hope for in terms of improvements.

We can then expand on these ideas, which are quite primitive by today's standards. 21st Century research should provide us with more innovative solutions than ever before. I hope so.

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by: Nola

This post on the water pollution that is caused by human activities is doing huge harm to the nature. We human beings are causing big harm to the Mother Nature and this can be a big problem to the human community in the near future.

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