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weather is ALL OVER THE MAP

by rockandroller
(Atlantic Canada (for now))

My house after decades of global warming

My house after decades of global warming

"The maritimes 2011" - We got 2 or 3 feet of snow, and minus 20 at times.

When I was growing up on the west coast, snowy winters were common. That all stopped in the 1980s it seems :-)

Interior of BC can get TEN FEET OF SNOW (Blue Biver!) and Kamloops is routinely frigid in February. But its usually also +30 or +35 Celsius in summer! Penticton sometimes gets to +40, the wind feels like a hairdryer on days like that.

In Moncton, NB today (Aug 5 2012) we had +32 and windy and HUMID too - frankly it felt hotter than Seychelles, and just as warm as typical Maldives.

Swimming at a beach a half hour from town last week.. the WATER was hotter than Seychelles, and just as warm as typical Maldives. That doesn't happen too often here, usually the water is still pretty chilly ( but probably 5 degrees warmer than Vancouver or the Jersey shore - where swimming is "brisk" in summer...)

Barry's Response - And in Calgary it didn't snow on the Stampede this year. Fancy that! (This actually happened in 1999).

What is this world coming to? I see much of the prairies can be expected to move from Dfb (cold winters warm summers) towards Dfa climates (cold winters hot summers) over the next several decades if global warming persists the way some prognosticators would have it. Many people in these areas might say "that can't be so bad..."

Do we actually have a meaningful trend? I guess it's all in perspective.

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