Who says global warming is bad to start with

by Dave

Natural Interactions

Natural Interactions

Who says global warming is bad to start with? If it happens, it happens. We will adapt, as will most other species.

Those that can't adapt will become extinct. As with climate change itself, this is neither good nor bad. It simply is. Get used to it.

Barry's Response - It happens anyways. Always did before we came along and always will. The Ancient climates
page on this site will show you some examples.

Here are some things that could be better after global warming:

  • Cold weather related illnesses and deaths could decrease, some of us may enjoy the relief of warmer winters. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba should appreciate that.
  • Increased precipitation worldwide
  • Easier driving, shipping lanes and flying, especially in those areas with winters
  • Less temperature contrast, and this leads to less wind
  • Increased area of land suitable for agriculture in Northern Hemisphere. The extra CO2, moisture and temperatures should give us better yields.
  • Opportunities for fishing in previously unavailable waters
  • Increased tourism in previously inaccessible areas
  • Enhanced biodiversity, more new species could replace any lost, other species could be expected to gravitate towards the nearest pole.
  • Increased research and commercial opportunities in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.
  • New and larger estuaries, often popular and desirable locations

See? It's not all bad.

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