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World Ocean Sea and river

by Saritha

Beach and Crystal Blue Water

Beach and Crystal Blue Water

An overview regarding the ocean, sea and river. Such a beautiful view to see the world covered with water fully.

But recently the water part of certain areas are getting dried. Because of this the beauty of the world is also getting destroyed. The ocean part is the most beautiful scene to see in such blue color...Though it is saline water it makes the world look so beautiful and lovely.

totally lovely to see this view...

Barry's Response - Yes, Saritha. The blue part helps make God's green earth so wonderful.

I have been in the Caribbean, where the scenery looks quite similar. The more distant land takes on a blue hue to compliment the turquoise water against the cyan sky separated by this indigo-ultramarine point of hilly terrain. Speckle that with a few silver clouds and various greens in the foreground and I could swear I was back in Barbados. Sometimes you notice see a strip of white sand defining a border between land and water as well.

As for your concern about a drier climate. Yes that is certainly possible, but if a few species become less plentiful because of it, others will come in to take the vacated space. They offer benefits of their own. At least this should occur in theory. We all know how to adapt and this is a great opportunity to do so.

Anyway, thank you for conjuring up this imagery for me. I think I'll go call my travel agent.

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