World Ocean Sea and river

by Saritha

Beach and Crystal Blue Water

Beach and Crystal Blue Water

An overview regarding the ocean, sea and river. Such a beautiful view to see the world covered with water fully.

But recently the water part of certain areas are getting dried. Because of this the beauty of the world is also getting destroyed. The ocean part is the most beautiful scene to see in such blue color...Though it is saline water it makes the world look so beautiful and lovely.

totally lovely to see this view...

Barry's Response - That's right, Saritha. God's green earth is awesome because of the blue part.

I've been to the Caribbean, where the scenery looks similar. With this indigo-ultramarine point of hilly terrain, the distant land takes on a blue hue to complement the turquoise water against the cyan sky. Then add a few silver clouds and various greens in the foreground, and I could swear I was back in Barbados. The border between land and water is sometimes marked by a strip of white sand.

As for your concern about a drier climate. That's certainly possible, but if a few species go extinct, others will take their place. They've got their own benefits. Theoretically, this should happen. We all know how to adapt, and this is a great chance.

Anyway, thanks for conjuring up this image for me. I'll call my travel agent now.

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It is truly remarkable how beautiful our world is.

Human imagination has been captured by our oceans, seas, and rivers for centuries. There's nothing like them for a backdrop of tranquility and majesty. Who doesn't appreciate a big ocean stretching out before them, or a river flowing gently through a picturesque landscape? Our planet is so special because of it.

Now, let me be clear, I'm all for preserving and appreciating nature. Water covering nearly three-quarters of the Earth's surface, teeming with life - that's pretty awesome. Yes, those blue hues are amazing.

Let's also keep a level head here. We live in a complex world, and things change. Water scarcity might be a problem in some areas - that's a fact of life. These issues need to be discussed based on evidence. Things aren't always as simple as they seem.

It's not always easy to solve these challenges. We're all prone to getting caught up in emotion and jumping to conclusions. Natural cycles, population growth, and economic development all have to be taken into account. Achieving a balance between people's needs and the environment's is a complicated task.

Let's appreciate the beauty of the world's waters - they're a testament to how awesome our planet is. Let's also remember that real solutions come from informed discourse and a deep understanding of the issues. We can't just rely on emotion - we need facts, reason, and common sense.

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