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Air dispersion models

by Rakesh L
(Indore, India)

Roomful of Models

Roomful of Models

I am wondering about air dispersion models. What is the Principle of air Quality Modeling. I am a student of M.Sc. Environmental Science from Devi Ahilya University,

Barry's Response - Rakesh:

The basic idea is that the meteorological conditions over a 5 year period for a specific area will be pretty much the same, regardless of what 5 year period you choose.

Based on this principle, the air dispersion model I use mostly, ISC, allows me to use 5 years of data to predict what the maximum pollutant concentrations in the area surrounding a plant, and that is accepted by the government as the worst anyone could expect, ever. Decisions to allow plants to build or expand are made based on these results.

How this model works is to use wind data to determine where the effluent will go and how it will disperse.

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Conditions the same?
by: akh

The idea is very nice but I think we no more have the 'luxury' to say that the meteorological conditions would remain the same for any given 5 years. Thanks to Mr. CO2

good answer!
by: Anonymous

i'm happy that more and more research is going towards these matter! who knows, it might change things for the better.

very good
by: Anonymous

very good article. the pollution is a very big problem in our days, and any research regaring it, is very important. Good Job.

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