An air- raising affair

by Raj Rasool
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India.)

The Apocalypse is coming...

The Apocalypse is coming...

We are all aware about the drastic changes in climate over the years. And to top it up, frequent catastrophes like Tsunami, Earthquakes etc. etc.

These are so called natural catastrophes, but if one analyses in depth, it will be clear that mankind is responsible to a huge extent for these mishaps.

Movements of the earth's surface are caused due to internal pressures. Where do these pressures come from? Thousands of constructions take place every day in various parts of the world. If one city is destructed due to an earthquake, hundreds of new buildings mushroom there in no time.

Earth has been exploited since ages. Be it for mining, extraction of resources, building structures or tapping ground water. We do so not only to survive but to lead a comfortable life as well. But will our lives remain comfortable for long if this mass destruction continues.

Trees, which play a major role in keeping the surface intact, might soon become a part of History.

The earth's movements not only affects its inhabitants but also the climate. I am neither a scientist nor a researcher, but for me the simple fact that it is becoming hotter each year is enough evidence to understand the consequences we will face shortly.

Climatic changes have begun long back in a negative way. If we don't take immediate action, it will definitely be too late to repair the damages. All this can be stopped if and only if each and every man understands the threat he is facing and steps forward to prevent the devastating after effects.

Hoping that governments and organisations are there for our safety is an understatement. We have to stop this. Alternatives are many but they seem to involve a lot of hard work. Governments and organisations can spend enormous amounts on developing sattelite images, probing other planets or even conducting conferences to discuss the global threats, but are these fruitful?

We have no time and time is of the essence.
Let's restructure the earth before we expedite doomsday and suffer through global warming, earthquakes, floods, storms, landslides etc.

Let's not say goodbye, not now!

Barry's Response - Not exactly fire and brimstone, but close enough. Thanks, Raj.

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Gonna try something a bit different...

Evangelist and preacher Billy Graham (1918-2018) might respond to this message with the following perspective:

- Our world is changing in a big way, and it's often unsettling. It's clear that there's a lot going on on the planet. The search for understanding and solutions to bring about positive change is natural in times like these.

- In the first place, we must remember that the Earth is God's creation, and as stewards, we are responsible for caring for it. We're supposed to care for the environment and the natural world in the Bible. The intricate workings of Earth's processes may be beyond our comprehension, but we can recognize the importance of living in harmony with it.

- The challenges we face today remind us that our actions can have far-reaching effects. We should act with wisdom, compassion, and foresight as individuals, communities, and nations. Our pursuit of comfort and progress has sometimes had unintended negative effects on the environment. We have a responsibility to balance our needs with the planet's well-being.

- Trying to find solutions and holding governments and organizations accountable for responsible stewardship is important, but we also have to acknowledge our limitations. God is ultimately in control of the world, and our faith teaches us to turn to Him when things get tough. We can navigate these challenges with prayer, reflection, and divine guidance.

- Let's remember the power of collective action and individual responsibility when we're fighting climate change. As much as we're called to love our neighbors and take care of those in need, we're also called to take care of the Earth. We can heal our planet by making conscious choices, promoting sustainability, and working together.

- Ultimately, our hope lies not just in our own abilities, but also in God's providence. We must work diligently to protect the Earth for future generations, and we must approach this task with humility, determination, and a reliance on God.

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So sad, so true
by: KOTO

Aloha Raj Rasool:

I hear you loud and clear and agree. Man is the cause of all our problems, mostly for profit and many are a waste of skin thinking only of themselves and today, not tomorrow.

I'm often ashamed to call myself a human for what we have done and continue to do. The power of the leaders suck and the powers above, along with mother nature, will take us out as we destroy this beautiful place.

I only wish there were more people like you and I to take control and start the healing of our beautiful home, to only be able to turn back the clock to when people only took what was needed and planted and took care, keeping our soil and groundwater, along with our air, as unpolluted as possible.

Thank you for you thoughts, health, long-life, inner-wealth and peace for you and yours.

With Aloha KOTO
One of the Keepers Of The Ocean

From Barry - This is how we can make sure our future generations can enjoy the same beauty we do. We can also set an example and spread the message of conservation and sustainability. Let's be the light that leads the way to a better future.

Others believe it's the government and businesses' responsibility to take care of the environment, not the individual's. The average person can't make a difference in the world, they say.

Who's right?

air polution
by: Anonymous

That is the wildest fear mongering comment I have ever read. If you were to drive across Canada, all you would see are trees. Trees everywhere, no towns or villages, just nothing but trees.

Nature puts more pollution into the air than all mankind does, one good volcano can cloud the air for months.

From Barry - However, man-made pollution might have a bigger impact on the environment than natural pollution. They say fossil fuel burning releases dangerous chemicals into the air that don't exist naturally. Humans and animals can be affected by these chemicals for a long time.

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