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another industrial invention revolution

by winetou1984

Industrial Activity on Site

Industrial Activity on Site

I'm sure it's just another industrial invention revolution that'll kill environment, like all the other ones.

Barry's Response - It sure looks like it sometimes. But some of this stuff is intended to help.

The one mentioned in the link at the bottom of this page removes hydrocarbons from soil to make it usable for other purposes and eliminate potential for those nasty things leaching into the groundwater and surrounding soil.

Other ideas include super-efficient kettles and other kitchen appliances, root-top gardens, magnetic levitation for extremely high efficiency transportation and other mechanical devices, solar power.

Here's an interesting one: cold storage - air conditioners that create ice blocks at night time when it's cooler, easier and cheaper, then using those ice blocks to cool during the day when needed.

Ever heard of a washing machine that only uses one cup of water per load? It's possible with the Xeros washing machine. Imagine that. It saves electricity and detergent, too.

Another interesting one - the Hydrogasifier. It stores otherwise-wasted engine heat energy by using it to dissociate water kept in storage, and then using the retained hydrogen and oxygen as fuel at a future time.

More well known devices used for industrial air emissions include: electrostatic precipitators (which use magnets to pull pollution out of exhaust streams), baghouses (filters), venturi scrubbers (which mix water into dirty airstreams to collect and remove pollutants), centrifuges (aka cyclones) and settling containers that let particulates fall out before sending the air up a smoke stack.

Search this site for more information now.

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by: Anonymous

That is so ridiculous. How many more machines do they need before they realize it is to late to save the environment. Very sill indeed.

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