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Cleaning Contaminated Soils and Sludges

by David Mackie

You never know what you'll find

You never know what you'll find

The paper descibes a highly useful technology that can and should be implimented worlwide.

The process of thermal phase seperation is one of great importance and can be applied to help clean up many industries. The major industry in which this technology could be utilised is water treatment plants and other mass cleaning companies.

I am unsure as to whether this technology will ever become a standard practice for the water treatment industry due to the complex equipment involved and due to the fact that they allready have processes in place which clean contaminated soils.

Associated with adopting new technology is the capital investment which in the curent climate will cause this technology to struggle although it may find the one nich industry in which it required and will improve the environent surrounding the buisness.

This technology will deliver the proposed reults and with industry experience it can be developed to more efficient and effective levels which will improve its reputation and hance increase its popularity.

Associated with this technology are very few problems but the major drawback is the substantial equipment required to carry out the process. This may be reduced by process optimisation or scaling the system down to deal with lower volumes of waste and decrease the required equipment required to complete the process.

Barry's Response - Also associated with using in on a widespread scale may be cost. It could become quite expensive compared to easier technologies. It also uses quite a bit of fuel and that may lead to increased greenhouse gas emissions. But on the whole, this one shows quite a bit of potential.

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This isn't an article
by: Van

This really needs to explain more about the process, what it involves specifically, what alternatives are used or are available, it's benefits and drawbacks compared to them. This reads as a "Here is a name of a thing, it can be used, go research it yourself"

global warming
by: Anonymous

I dont think the above given article is useful for attaing the global environment.

Thank u.

New Idea
by: vsgunnam

This gives a new idea to clean contaminated soil

soil clean
by: Anonymous

The article written above gave some type of solution, but I don't think this is the best way to do so. I would appreciate if some other solutions are suggested and implemented.

We did it.
by: Jenn

We wouldn't be in this predicament if the human race would have thought how this would affect the future. I wish it was the 19th century....things were much simpler....

by: Anonymous

I think they need to find another way of cleaning soil. I don't think they should use a machine. I'm sure if they really thought hard enough that they would find something.

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