Health Effects

Health Effects

Global warming is warming of the earth's atmosphere, and due to this, the sea level rises and causes several other problems. The heat in the atmosphere is increased to a greater extent and because of this, diseases like cancer and other killing diseases spread far and wide, even.

There is a great impact in the weather, where rainfall is shortened, and also we can expect to see terrible tornadoes and storms occurring - weather forecasting becomes difficult.

Due to the rise in sea levels the regions around the seas get submerged and vanish completely.

Barry's Response - Thank you Sunaina. You have every right to express your concern.

People have been afraid of these very consequences of global warming and more.

We shall see a change in the average global temperature, for sure, as much of the evidence presented to date has shown already occurred. Here, we look at the big picture, and long term changes. Some individual years may show a relative small decrease, but never mind that noise the overall (decade by decade) change has been consistently upward.

We have seen, over a longer period of time, a reduction in the difference between day and night temperatures in many areas. This is a much smaller trend and seems to have decreased over recent decades.

Scientists have found ways of comparing the effects of today's climate with the effects of past climates, using tree rings and core samples for instance. It takes a great amount of study to understand this data but it's worth it. These records go back further in time than human recordings and they can be found in areas where it is not practical to set up stations. This makes it even more worthwhile to use these methods, and to understand the effects of climate change in the first place.

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good information
by: Anonymous

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by: Anonymous

Global Warming is either understood as a real fact or as just a great hype created by the scientist, Global Warming should be discussed more often on media.

by: Joe Root

Really day by day air pollution is increasing fast and so the air related diseases are also increasing fast. These diseases are sometimes so much harmful.

by: John

Global warming is one of the dangerous effects that has been becoming a threat to us and also concerning our earth. So we have to find out some immediate solutions to reduce this effect and thus we can control the diseases that has been causing due to global warming.

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