Hope for the Future

by Cara

Better environs through better education

Better environs through better education

Environmental health and protection is important in order to protect the health of the world population. All parts of the environment are important as all parts are intertwined together.

Air, land, and water, we must monitor and protect them all, as each can harm the others or even humans. The changing environment can have serious effects on human health. Think about how air pollution can also contribute to water pollution, either one of which could damage crops, which could cause communities to have less to eat. Communities having less to eat could cause death, or long term disability as children do not have the proper nutrients and are not able to develop properly.

Though it may seem difficult, with shared cooperation and understanding, changes can be made to improve the environmental situation of the US and the world. Private industry and the government have the ability to perform scientific tests and monitoring.

With increased transparency, hopefully more information will be passed to the public, who can then make informed personal decisions and actions in order to lessen their negative impact on the environment. Though individuals must take greater responsibility for themselves, it is important that the government and private industries strive to enact policies and programs to support individuals. Individuals alone cannot affect the greatest change.

Hope for the Future, really

Though the state of the environment is sad, the future does not have to be dismal. Technology is changing. Resources are better able to be created, used, shared, and distributed.

If children are taught early about the importance of the environment, and their impact on it, they grow into adults who respect and appreciate the earth. They grow into adults who respect the earth without having to be taught to change negative behaviors. They grow into adults who will not support businesses that don't do everything they can to produce products and services in an environmentally friendly fashion, and who will not tolerate government officials who allow outdated policies to harm our environment and its future.

Barry's Response - Pretty heavy, Cara, but pretty much on the mark. This will naturally occur to some degree or another. Thanks for your insights.

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by: sebu

The main thing I hate about these discussions is that there are a lot of people who actually talks about environmental health and protection. But, are there actually any effective activities taking place to protect environment?

It is up to ue to what kind of world we want to wake up to each day
by: Gerry aka KOTO

Aloha Cara:

You are so right about teaching the children and their parents how to help Mother Nature. I have found that over the past 40 years, people have lost much of their personal desire to take care of their neighborhood and instead they leave it to others to take care.

Carelessly thrown trash contaminates our watercourses, potentially killing everything there. We (You and I) need to fight for the rights and life of the these helpless victims.

You see, Cara, We are all in one neighborhood together no matter where we live. Each one of us (in our own community) should bring a bag full of picked garbage. Go to a park or somewhere that children play, pick up the cigarette butts. and other garbage. These are all dangerous to young babies, animals, sea life and such, and they contaminate the water supply.

I find if we were to pick one thing at a time, get it passed and move on to the next. My first main mission is to get Thailand to stencil messages onto gutters and Storm Drains and include a picture of Fish Swimming in Garbage, So all understand.

Everyone has the potential of changing the World, It is up to each and everyone of us to do something.




Health and Happiness to All

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