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by J

Short Myers Briggs type descriptions

Short Myers Briggs type descriptions

I'm like you, but I'm Introverted instead of extroverted. It's also hard to tell what your own type is from the article, since you never mention what the other possible types are.

Barry's Response - J, These are all 16 types. I Have been identified as preferring ENTP.

INTP - Independent Thinker, logic prevails

INTJ - Always right, Thinks (s)he's the boss

INFP - Easily distracted, conscientious fanatic perfectionist

INFJ - Unsure of self, but needs to change the world

ISTP - Detailed but not really compassionate, problem solver

ISTJ - Extremely detailed, perfectionist, pessimist

ISFP - Sensual pleasures

ISFJ - perpetual helper, nurse

ENTP - Ambitious but short attention span, spontaneous, good at coming up with options

ENTJ - Life is hurry, Powerful executive

ENFP - Very easily distracted, enthusiastic, creative

ENFJ - Oh ye of little faith, The ultimate teacher

ESTP - Not the most responsible type, playful, egocentic

ESTJ - Thinks he's the boss, usually is

ESFP - Party Animal, friendly, troublemaker

ESFJ - Impatient, nosy, but good host(ess)

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by: John

This post is very much helpful to me to understand much about INTP. I think I will never get such a wonderful opportunity to know about INTP. So that I am very happy to read this post. Thank you very much.

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