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never got a chance to watch it.

Not where weather forecasts come from...

Not where weather forecasts come from...

I have heard of the movie Twister but I never got a chance to watch it. It seems very interesting. I'm probably going to watch it.

I think this is a very good example.

I think that the information above was very interesting and something I did not know.

Another movie that would be good is called The Perfect Storm.

I do not think it would be a waste of time.

Barry's Response - Thanks for the suggestions. When you see either of these films, do drop by and let us know how you enjoyed the experience.

It's a fun movie, just like any other Crichton-Spielberg combination. A good action film is as enjoyable as any. The special effects are everything; they tickle the fancy of anybody who might wonder what would it be like if...

Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt demonstrated that they make the perfect pair of rogue characters in the context of running after tornadoes, even if the relationship between them is on the rocks. Just don't expect to become college-educated from watching it. That's not the purpose.

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I liked it
by: Sekiryu

the movie have fun. i liked it

Great movie!
by: Anonymous

The movie was good. It captured the essence of a twister completely in all respects.

by: Anonymous

I remember seeing bits and pieces of twister. I would like to watch it again for sure to actually see it in full. It would be fun to watch it again.

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