The Calculating Google Search Engine

by LT
(Ventura, CA)

We've Come a Long Way, Baby!

We've Come a Long Way, Baby!

I like to use Google for doing metric conversions. In fact, it's not only great for metric conversions, but also currency conversions and as a calculator. It really is a "hidden" feature of Google many people don't know about. Just go to and try typing these in and click "Search":

For unit conversion:
5 lbs in kg
8 fluid ounces in liters

For currency conversions:
1 us dollar in thai baht
7 euros in dollars

For calculations:
8 * 2
7 + 12

When you click "Search", Google is able to figure out (through some use of fuzzy logic, I'm sure) you want a conversion or calculation and returns this to you. Am I the only geek who thinks this is cool?

Barry's Response - It's handy, for sure. It's possible that Google will do everything for you in the future.

Search this site for more information now.

Hey, everyone!

There's a little gem on the internet that's as exciting as finding a stash of chocolate in your pantry. This is Google - it's not just for searches - it's also a wizard for metric conversions, currency swaps, and some good old math!

When you've got Google, who needs a calculator or a conversion app? It's like having a personal assistant without the name. Go to Google, and here's where the fun starts.

Want to convert units like a pro? Watch the magic unfold when you type stuff like "5 lbs in kg" or "8 fluid ounces in liters." You're in good hands with Google, so it'll handle the conversions like a pro.

Worried about the exchange rate on your next international trip? It's no problem! If you type "1 dollar in Thai baht" or "7 euros in dollars" into Google, it'll tell you. Like having your own financial advisor.

When basic arithmetic feels like a distant memory, Google's got you covered. Put "8 + 2" or "7 + 12" in the search, and voilà, the answer appears!

It's almost like Google can read your mind, isn't it? Not really, but it sure feels like it. The next time you need some quick math help or conversions, don't forget your trusty sidekick, Google. Tech-savvy geeks love it!✨

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by: Callie

Thanks for this article. I thought it was some really helpful new information about google. It made me want to explore some other areas of the site about weather.

From Barry - It's interesting to read about Google's plans to use AI to predict the weather and how it uses data to make better predictions. I wondered how else Google might use data.

Hasn't the conversion utility been online forever now?
by: Anonymous

Maybe it's just me, but I remember this utility being part of google for years now? I agree with you that most users don't know that it's there but lets look at how large the percentage of americans can't read. It's depressing.

From Barry - It's depressing, but it's a fact that a lot of people struggle with literacy. Lack of literacy might contribute to the lower percentage of people knowing about this utility.

Good Information!!
by: vsgunnam

This has provided a good information about a new service offered by Google. This will prompt you to go to this site`s article about Metric Conversions at I would like to explore the site to know about Global warming and Upper atmosphere!

From Barry - There's a great section on global warming and the upper atmosphere on Stuff in the Air. Learn about global warming, how it's impacting the atmosphere, and how to reduce our carbon footprint. There's also a section on metric conversions, which may be helpful if you need to convert between different measurements.

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