by cutesty
(albrightsville pa)

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Can and one help me with my tornado? Give me steps, please.

Barry's Response -
1) Be prepared: If you ever get these storms, know where you would go and how you would handle it in the future. Strong structures are better places to be than weak ones. Choose buildings over cars. Choose low areas if outside and cannot get somewhere
2) Keep an eye on the weather, know when it's severe and keep the radio/internet/tv on when danger is possible. Weather watches for the potential development of such storms are dispenses hours in advance. Weather warnings are issued when a storm (funnel cloud or tornado) has developed and has been spotted.
3) Go undercover - find shelter immediately; I suggest the bottom floor of a good building. More often than not, tornadoes travel in a northeastward direction, the the safest corner of your basement, once you get there, is the southwest.
4) Keep away from the windows and exterior walls. You don't want to get hit by flying junk, and it can penetrate walls. Movies that show flying cows and vehicles, may be unrealistic...but not necessarily.
5) Out in the open? Lie flat in a low area, and protect your head with your arms while remaining wary of possible flooding if rain is heavy. This strategy also makes a direct lightning strike less likely, if lightning is present.

Search this website for more severe weather information now.

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