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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #004 - Guide to the weather guide to Stuff in the Air. March 1, 2004
February 29, 2004

Weather Guide to the Stuff in the Air Website

This list of brief questions gives you guidance to the locations of information provided on the website. Chances are you have found some of these details in the past, but hopefully this helps you find other needed knowledge.

1) -What instruments are used by weather offices? -What do they measure at weather stations? 2) -How do we measure air pressure? -What does a barometer do? 3) -What is the difference between Fahrenheit and Celcius? -What different types of thermometers are there? 4) -What is a hygrometer? -How do weather people tell us the humidity? 5) -What is the Beaufort Scale? -What is an anemometer? 6) -Can a rain gauge measure snow? 7) -What is a METAR? -How do you read encoded weather observations? 8) -How much snow can fall at once? 9) -Can we predict air pollution from a factory, even if it is not built yet? 10) -Where do environmental scientists work? 11) -What do they do? 12) -What is so important about Global Warming -What is the Greenhouse Effect? -Which are the greenhouse gases? 13) -Are there any pictures of global warming? 14) -What are we doing about Global Warming? 15) -How is RADAR important to the weather service? 16) -How does a weather RADAR work? 17) -What does weather look like on a RADAR? 18) -Is weather RADAR perfect for forecasting? 19) -What is Doppler RADAR? -Do they use Doppler RADAR in weather forecasting? -How is Doppler RADAR different from ordinary RADAR? 20) -How many types of weather satellites are there? -What is a geostationary satellite? 21) -Can I see my house in a satellite photo? -What is resolution? -What are pixels? 22) -Do weather satellites need radiation? -What is infra-red radiation? 23) -What is a wavelength? 24) -Do weather satellite pictures come in colors? 25) -Why do weather forecasters all use maps? 26) -What is an isobar? 27) -How high does the air go? -How do pilots know how high they are? -Does the air miles above affect our weather? 28) -Is meteorology just physics and math? 29) -What is a jet stream? -Does air pressure cause wind? 30) -How does a weather map show air flow? -Can we find storms on this map? 31) -Waves, ridges, troughs: what does it all mean? 32) -Do we have definite air currents? 33) -What happens when you see things move across the weather map? 34) -What happens when weather systems change shape on the weather map? 35) -Does rotating air always mean tornadoes or hurricanes? 36) -What drives the prevailing winds? 37) -Where can I view previous issues of this ezine? 38) -Who developed this website? -Who writes these newsletters? Hope this makes any research you are conducting easier.

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