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We see the need to clean up the air. Regional air quality is a major concern, especially in the Detroit-Windsor region. My husband and son have asthma. Living next to a freeway is probably not the best location for our family. In addition, Wayne County is not in compliance with the EPA clean air standards. Further, Blacks have almost twice the rate of asthma in Detroit area as do Whites. Ever increasing numbers of asthmatics visit the emergency room for exacerbations, which is very costly.

With the closing of many auto plants and other factories, there should be some improvement. The EPA monitors areas around Michigan but not sufficiently to predict the impact on individuals with asthma.

Air assessment and air quality monitoring is needed to inform asthmatics on a daily basis.

Starting with plants for air quality or air dispersion modeling is an excellent idea. A simplified design would interest many internal and external to the plant. Deciding which model to choose is a problem. Which one is recommended for which solutions?

When the output from the air quality modeling is examined, it is difficult to understand what to do next:

Changing the design of the plant and temperature of the hazardous wastes and rechecking the outcome might be a good remedy to the issue, e.g., installing scrubbers and extraction system ventilation options. Informing the client and attending hearings as an expert witness on the findings and suggested solutions could be a way of educating and engaging the community.

Barry's Response - I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. Knowledge and education are key to protecting yourself and family from environmental hazards (from air quality to crime). People can make better decisions about where to live and work thanks to better information technology.

Hope you find the solution you need, whether through policy or location changes, and that it all works out. I appreciate your input.

Search this site for more information now.

I completely understand the urgency and importance of addressing air quality concerns, particularly in areas like Detroit and Windsor.

It's disheartening to hear about the health problems your family is having because of living near a freeway.

You've brought up an important point - the disparity between communities when it comes to asthma rates. It's a stark reminder that air pollution has uneven consequences. The fact that asthmatics end up in emergency rooms at an increasing rate is both concerning and expensive.

Transitioning away from traditional manufacturing, like auto plants, should actually improve air quality. It's a step in the right direction, but it's not a complete solution, as you pointed out.

I like how you emphasize real-time air quality monitoring. Access to accurate and up-to-date information about air quality can make a big difference in people's lives, especially for asthmatics.

It's great how you use air quality modeling to inform solutions. It's important to simplify the design to engage both internal and external stakeholders. We can overcome the challenge of choosing the right model with the right experts.

Your remedies like changing plant design and temperature, installing scrubbers, and installing ventilation systems sound great. Often it leads to effective solutions because it's practical and thoughtful. Educating and engaging the community through hearings is a powerful way to make sure everyone understands the issue and has a stake in its resolution.

You're a proactive force for change. People like you drive progress and inspire others. Keep pushing for cleaner air and a healthier future.

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Solution for High Quality Environment
by: Ajesh

This is one of the major issue going all around the world and it can be solved only by the humans by planting and gardening. People in this modern world should try to keep their environment clean and neat by proper ventilation and planting trees.

From Barry - It'll help reduce air pollution and global warming. People can also use less electricity and switch to renewable energy sources to reduce their carbon footprint.

Saving Our Enviroment
by: Tina

This is a real problem faced by many people across all the countries. The only solution to overcome this is the responsibility that each and every human take to have our atmosphere free from pollution. This is rightly illustrated here. But more information on this would be of much use to everyone.

From Barry - We need to reduce our emissions, find alternatives to fossil fuels, and create policies that protect our air. We can also educate people about clean air through education and media campaigns. To solve this global problem, we need to work together as you point out.

responsibility of individuals
by: Bala

The content is concerning. Every individual should take some resposibility to keep the air clean for future generation.
Let this website give more details about the weather and climatic conditiond and day to day updates.

From Barry - People can reduce air pollution by carpooling, taking public transportation, or biking to work when appropriate. You can also improve air quality by planting trees and using green energy, which is renewable energy that comes from naturally replenishing sources and has minimal environmental impact. Resources such as sunlight, wind, water (energized by gravity) and biomass are constantly replenished, so it doesn't deplete the Earth's finite resources.

Last but not least, reducing waste and avoiding the release of harmful chemicals can help protect the environment.

by: Anonymous

very nice weather.

From Barry - Weather information, including temperature, precipitation, and wind speed, is available on this website, along with radar and satellite descriptions. For a better understanding of current and future weather trends, it also explains some of the historical data and graphs you might encounter.

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