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The Nature of Things

The Nature of Things

We can't live surrounded only by concrete and steel. We MUST protect the nature as it is. No forests, no trees. No trees, no oxygen. The nature is not ours to kill it.

Barry's Response - Surprisingly enough, many individual humans do live just like that. But as as species, we would all become threatened by extinction if there were were none of that nature, I'm quite sure. Thanks W.

Lets start by protecting the air. If you don't know what you do that pollutes the air, you can't fix it. So please figure it out.

While you're at it see how the pollution you (I really mean mankind in general) contribute to the much-talked-about climate change. Does air pollution really lead to global warming?

Do we, in the process of building our cities, our industries, our parks and houses, really need to rip out the forests that existed so peacefully right there, right before we came along? Maybe so, maybe we can integrate our operations more gracefully with these biomes, which seem to be getting in short supply lately. Maybe that would work better.

Maybe you would like a little more knowledge about our ecological impacts. Maybe you'd want me to supply with you with more of my insights on a monthly basis. I can; it won't cost you a thing, either. Scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for bringing awareness to this important issue. Humans are becoming increasingly disconnected with nature and this is a very dangerous thing.

by: Ammu


human AND THE the environment
by: Anonymous

The post human use of the environment is really super. some words are so touching.

by: smee

By killing nature we destroy ourselves. Nobody understands that. This site doing a good thing by giving awareness.

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