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by Donald
(Southern California)

Fair Weather Cumulus

Fair Weather Cumulus

When searching for a city at The Weather Network, all you need is the city name without the state. A list will be brought up of various places. When I arrived, the temperature was listed in degrees celsius. The icon to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit is small. It would be beneficial to be larger. Guess I'm used to

The layout is simple with clean graphics, pleasing to the eye. It's easy to read the forecasts. A weather map on the page would be a nice addition.

I usually use or I like the extended information and weather alerts available at - is fun but information overload!

Barry's Response - Thanks, for your tips and favorite sites, Donald. As you note, every weather website has its pluses and minuses. They are very professionally designed as well.

Now we can add to that mix; it provides statistical data for each location and that could really amount to information overload. Another one for VERY long-term precipitation forecasts is - Enjoy!

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Awesome weather
by: kmubarak

Y, my favorite weather site is, and it is really good which provides all the weather information for all the world.

by: Anonymous

I enjoy using It is easy, fast and accurate to use. It give update information every hour and is a very useful tool. It also posts storm warnings and watches and what is going to happen.

I enjoy using this site and it is accurate most of the time.

Favorite Weather Site
by: Rickky

My favorite weather site is I like the hour-by-hour link and the 10 day forecast. Living in the south, I want to know when and how much it will snow. I have found that many times is actually more accurate than the local news' weather site, is a great, very interesting website - it explains topics that I've often wondered about but never explored before. I'm looking forward to using it every time I have a question - like after listening to the local weather on tv.

I'd like to see a list of websites that other people recommend.

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