Tips and favorite sites

by Donald
(Southern California)

Fair Weather Cumulus

Fair Weather Cumulus

When searching for a city at The Weather Network, all you need is the city name without the state. A list will be brought up of various places. When I arrived, the temperature was listed in degrees celsius. The icon to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit is small. It would be beneficial to be larger. Guess I'm used to

The layout is simple with clean graphics, pleasing to the eye. It's easy to read the forecasts. A weather map on the page would be a nice addition.

I usually use or I like the extended information and weather alerts available at - is fun but information overload!

Barry's Response - Thanks for the tips and favorite sites, Donald. It's true that every weather website has its pluses and minuses. They're also very professionally designed as well.

It's now possible to add to that mix; it provides statistical data for each location, and that's a lot of information. You can also check out or for long-term precipitation forecasts.

Search this site for more information now.
The Perfect Forecast: A Playful Quest for Weather Websites
Are you tired of looking for the perfect weather website? You're in the right place! We're going to explore the quirks and features of weather websites today. Let's dive into the delightful chaos of meteorological digital realms!

The City Name Conundrum, the eternal struggle to find your city without a state name! We at the Weather Network get it. It's like playing hide-and-seek with your own location with its list of places. Fear not, fellow weather enthusiast, we won't be without the search box forever!

Next, the Celsius-Fahrenheit Tussle, the never-ending battle between temperature units! Some people hate the tiny icon that determines their preferred metric. Our hearts long for a button bigger than life, a beacon of hope amidst the chaos. Sadly, we still love and its Fahrenheit-friendly interface.

And now the Beauty of Simplicity Check out The Weather Network, with its clean graphics and eye-catching layout. In a sea of meteorological uncertainty, the forecasts are easy to read. The missing piece is a weather map, a visual representation of atmospheric shenanigans. Dreams do come true!

The Weather Wonderland - Ah... and, the seasoned veterans of weather websites. fills our thirst for extended weather info. As for, it's a whirlwind of data that leaves us spinning like an F5 tornado. It's information overload!

Well, now we have a few quirks and charms of each contender in our quest for the perfect weather website. There's a mix of delights and frustrations in these digital realms, from the city name guessing game to the dilemma of the degrees. Embrace the chaos, enjoy the forecast frenzy, and remember Mother Nature will always keep us guessing no matter where we look. But it can't hurt.

My friends, stay weather-wise!

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Awesome weather
by: kmubarak

Y, my favorite weather site is, and it is really good which provides all the weather information for all the world.

From Barry - It's easy to use and offers detailed forecasts for different cities. Also, I like the hourly updates and seven-day forecast. Radar maps and other cool stuff are on the website.

by: Anonymous

I enjoy using It is easy, fast and accurate to use. It give update information every hour and is a very useful tool. It also posts storm warnings and watches and what is going to happen.

I enjoy using this site and it is accurate most of the time.

From Barry - In addition, it gives you detailed forecasts for 14 days and historical data for 30 days. There are interactive maps, videos, and other weather stuff. It also tracks hurricanes and other severe weather in real-time.

Favorite Weather Site
by: Rickky

My favorite weather site is I like the hour-by-hour link and the 10 day forecast. Living in the south, I want to know when and how much it will snow. I have found that many times is actually more accurate than the local news' weather site, is a great, very interesting website - it explains topics that I've often wondered about but never explored before. I'm looking forward to using it every time I have a question - like after listening to the local weather on tv.

I'd like to see a list of websites that other people recommend.

From Barry - So I asked my friends and family what websites they use for information. Everyone had a different suggestion for me, which surprised me. Looking forward to exploring all the websites and learning new stuff.

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