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Another look at Canadian climate regions

Another look at Canadian climate regions

WANNA HELP ME ? :) I have to write this report about Canada's climate regions and talk about a couple of facts for each of them. D':

Barry's Response - I have compiled a list of resources for you to explore. Many of which are on this website.

For Canadian forecast and weather explore the Weather Network website - I have written more about TWN here:

and more weather network information here:

Environment Canada gives tremendous information about weather and climate - Have a look at one example on this page about Environment Canada.

This page tells you how to make the most of the Environment Canada website.

...and more weather finding techniques here.

Wikipedia is always a good source for general information for any subject including weather or Canada: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada

You may already be familiar with this Canadian climate summary page.

Here are two pages about the interesting climate in the western province of Alberta,

...and in Calgary on this page.

Finally, you can search this site for more information now.

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