You're an idiot



You're a fucking idiot. Globle? You shit for brains libs are all alike. Get your head out of your ass and learn how to spell you fuckwit.

Barry's Response - I like that one too. It works quite well.

BTW - Yeah! Globle Warming. I'll provide a few hints of what this is all about. First of all a definition. Search engine optimization (SEO) - a set of techniques for increasing the public exposure and organic (unpaid, relevant and natural) traffic for a website (such as this one).

To receive specialized visitors fitting the target demographic group (in my case, young science students), a good web developer anticipates the needs of searchers, even those who make frequent spelling errors, such as "Globle". i.e., People learn by doing (researching, reading and trial/error online), and even after reading just a few of my relevant pages will learn the proper spelling of global, in addition to the scientific information they were after in the first place. I list those pages here for your convenience:

Conducting SEO for the misspelled word increases the chance that I will actually provide those services. It also gives my business increased visibility.

Search this site for more information now.

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Comment for the idiot
by: Anonymous

To the person who wrote: "You're an idiot" You're the idiot - the way you express yourself proves my point completely! It is entirely possible the person using misspelled words doesn't type well, has a physical challenge or just plain doesn't care! As for me, I wanted to get involved in this on-going conversation until I saw your hateful comments!!!
You seem more suited to a game site that one for intelligent folks wanting to learn!

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