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storms photos

by Colleen
(Edmonton, Alberta)

This is what you need!

This is what you need!

I have a great photo I took of lightning near Fort McMurray Alberta. I would really like to share it with others...is there any one I can send it to??

Barry's Response - Colleen:

If you'd like, I can find a spot for it on my site. It would be really nice. It's up to you.

P.S. It's now at the top of the Stuff in the Air homepage at https://www.stuffintheair.com/ It's one of my favourite storms photos. Thanks Colleen

The website has numerous pages with storm photos if that interests you.

This page gives an overview of storms and the photos that can arise from within them.

Want to know some of the science behind storm formation? Have a look at this page.

Some more storm science and meteorology for you.

Water vapour is the most important ingredient for storm creation. See what I mean here.

The most severe storms of all include tornadoes. Daredevils like to pursue these storms and document them with photos and videos.

Do you have some good pictures to share? This page gives an opportunity to place them on this website.

Here is a pacific storm after it has crossed the mountains. Most of the the precipitation has fallen out during the journey, but some beautiful storm clouds remain.

What do hurricanes look like on satellite and radar? See them here.

If snow is more your thing, have a look at these.

Lots of snow in parts of Canada. Here's more Canadian snow.

Here's a good one from the interior of British Columbia.

search this site for more storm information now.

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